Nonprofit Accounting Guide

For nonprofits just starting out or adding new employees, a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of nonprofit accounting is essential.

Nonprofit Fund Accounting Guide

When managed properly, fund accounting can reveal areas of strength and weakness. Learn what sets nonprofits apart from for-profit accounting.

Nonprofit Functional Accounting Guide

Nonprofit organizations are subject to unique accounting and reporting requirements in which expenses much be reported by functional areas.

Nonprofit Form 990 Guide

All nonprofit organizations are required to file the IRS Form 990. Filing Form 990 ensures that charitable organizations are accountable to funding sources.

Nonprofit Audit Guide

This guide will help you learn what a nonprofit independent audit is and step you through the process of preparing and understanding .

Nonprofit Payroll Guide

Areas of confusion involve whether nonprofits are required to pay payroll taxes and how to allocate payroll expenses.

Nonprofit Accounting Software Guide

Nonprofits face unique fiscal challenges. When it comes to tracking and reporting to funding sources, nonprofit accounting software helps with accountability, compliance and transparency.

Become an expert

Become a nonprofit accounting expert. Learn how to use compliant accounting methods to build trust and transparency.

Premium Guides

Our in-depth premium guides cover topics unique for nonprofit accounting. These include: fund accounting, chart of accounts, audits, functional accounting, IRS Form 990 and more.

Pro Courses

Our pro courses provide training on a broad range of nonprofit accounting methods. Choose from several courses including: nonprofit accounting, functional accounting, payroll, and more.

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