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Nonprofits need to be accountable to their funding sources. Discover how nonprofit accounting plays a primary role in demonstrating accountability.

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Nonprofits often make at least one major mistake when it comes to accounting. Without understanding the principles, compliance becomes problematic.

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I just completed three days with our auditors and was able to readily produce any report they requested.

Anetta Oppelt, Child & Family Resources, Inc.


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By joining, you will receive an abundance of knowledge taught by nonprofit accounting pros. Join for free and gain the insight you need to raise trust among your constituents and funding sources.

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You can join for free. For more in-depth resources and training, memberships can be upgraded for a fee.

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Some resources are free. Premium guides and lessons and Pro courses and webinars are included with paid memberships. 

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Pro memberships include certificates of completion.

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Our in-depth premium guides cover topics unique for nonprofit accounting. These include: fund accounting, chart of accounts, audits, functional accounting, IRS Form 990 and more.

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Our pro courses provide training on a broad range of nonprofit accounting methods. Choose from several courses including: nonprofit accounting, functional accounting, payroll, and more.

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Nonprofit Accounting Pro teaches nonprofit accounting skills using professional-level expertise and resource materials. Our mission is to raise trust and transparency and help nonprofits become more accountable to their funding sources.


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