Lesson 2 – What is nonprofit sustainability?

Nonprofit sustainability describes the ability to sustain itself over the long term. It is important to understand what it costs to deliver your programs and services. While profitability is not the goal of a nonprofit, having a profit creates sustainability to continue to fulfill your mission.

Here are some tips for attaining long-term sustainability:

  • Focus on intermediate and long-term goals as opposed to short term goals.
  • Maintain a stable and skilled staff as opposed to high staff turnover and unskilled employees.
  • Invest in your organization’s administrative overhead for management and general.
  • Focus on consistent mission goals as opposed to constantly changing direction .
  • Keep on improving activities as opposed to re-inventing them.
  • Build long-term partnerships and collaborations as opposed to time-consuming relationships.
  • Receive funding with no strings attached.
  • Demonstrate program effectiveness.
  • Only write occasional grant proposals as opposed to constant proposals.
  • Demonstrate high credibility with stakeholders.